Finding Grants

Grant Research Workshop - Wednesday, September 9th, 2015.

This workshop focuses on the ABCs of Grant Research:

Top Grants: As attendee, you’ll receive lists the top grants available in your organization’s sector- updated that day. These are lists of foundations who are accepting applications now, yours to keep after the workshop. 

Grants that Matter to You: Learn to find the right grant for your organization, receive ongoing updated information on relevant grants, and use an array of free tools available online to help your organization stay informed on grants that matter most.

When: The next workshop is scheduled for Friday, February 6, 2015, from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Pacific Standard Time. The Grant Research Workshop is $80 per Participant, which includes all materials.

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Complimentary 30 Minute Consult

All prospective customers receive a 30 minute consult, to assess your grant-related needs. It’s on the house!

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Grants Information Session

This 90 minute scheduled one-on-one session allows for concentrated grant-focused consultative time for your organization’s professional staff.

This session is intended to provide basic information about the type of grants that might be available to your organization, and next steps you might need to take to become ready to apply for a grant.

While not intended to be a comprehensive research session, we may discuss specific grant programs that would be right for you, or specific steps you might need to take to become grant-ready. Please have internet access available for this meeting.

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Schedule a meeting with a Iden:

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Nonprofit Startup Process

Need Nonprofit Tax Status?

The Nonprofit Startup Process allows your organization to hand the process of applying for federal Nonprofit Tax status (tax exempt 501 (c) status) over to our experienced professionals. We complete this process for you in three simplified steps. We offer this service for a flat fee and with predetermined dates, to keep you on-budget and on-time.

Iden Advancement is an Authorized Legal Zoom Affiliate, which means your application is backed by Legal Zoom, as well as by Iden. Purchase and get started.

Please note: your organization must be located within the United States, and your organization’s activities must fall under one or more of these categories in order to qualify for this service:

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Wait… Does this not sound like you? Organizations who do not meet one or more of the eight criteria above might may not be a fit for nonprofit tax status, and should apply for business status.

Determine whether for-profit or nonprofit tax status is your best option here.

For those who don’t fit the above criteria, we recommend using our affiliate, Legal Zoom, which has affordable Business Formation processes.


Foundation Concept Paper Tool

Considering going after a foundation grant? Collect and develop your ideas in a way that makes sense to grant-making foundations. Use this complimentary tool to get your ideas moving in the right direction. This tool is for you to download, and keep for your own internal uses.

This is a FREE resource. Download it now:

Concept Paper

document Registration Checklist

After your organization has it’s tax-exempt status, you will need to register with in order to submit most federal grant applications. Our complimentary checklist walks you through the process of obtaining your registration. This tool is for you to download, and keep for your own internal uses.

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Registration with Grants gov Checklist


Free Nonprofit Tax Status Application Resources:

The Nonprofit Startup Crib Sheet: A Free Complied List of Resources to assist in Obtaining your Nonprofit Tax Status.

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Nonprofit Organization Startup Crib Sheet



Podcast with the Center for Nonprofit Success

Here, Ivor Heyman, Executive Director of the Center for Nonprofit Success in Washington DC, interviews Laura Lundahl; discussing grant writing, foundations, the federal review process and program evaluation.

This is a FREE resource.

Click the link below to listen (Must have Quicktime installed):

Podcast with the Center for Nonprofit Success