Iden consultants are members of professional associations such as PSGA, TGCIAlumni, and GPA. We have over 30 years of combined experience with grants and grant-based programs. Our customers are:

  • Non-profit organizations of all kinds
  • Public organizations such as city and county offices
  • Public and private schools and universities
  • Healthcare organizations

The services we provide include:

Grant Research

We work with our customers to find the right-fit grant for their organizational needs. Our process is:

  1. Initial Discovery Meeting: Initial consultation regarding grant or funding need is completed over the phone or in person with a consultant.
  2. Contracting: Client hires consultant to work on research for specific projects or programs; contracts are agreed on and retainers are secured.
  3. Process Memorandum: All documents related to the research need are sent to the consultant. Following this, a process memorandum is sent to client, stating additional information (if any) needed to complete research.
  4. Results Meeting: Consultant reviews details of each prospective grantor with client including name, granting program, granting history, grant maker interest area, and any due dates or application information.
  5. Secondary Results: consultant retrieves further detail on any grant maker that client/consultant decides is a good fit. This may include researching grant maker’s 990, or contacting program officers at the foundation.
  6. Action Planning: Client and consultant collaborate on what grants to move forward with and establish a timeline for action with all selected grant makers.


Grant Development

Once we have identified the right-fitting grant you, we move forward with developing the grant. A complete Scope of Work relative to the specific grant being developed is planned, which includes the following steps (among many others).

  • Project and Program Development
  • Organizational readiness
  • Needs assessment
  • Data collection and assessment
  • Personnel development
  • Technology system assessment
  • Short and Long Term Outcome Planning
  • Measurement and Evaluation planning
  • Fiscal capacity assessment and readiness
  • Writing content for the grant proposal
  • Submitting the grant proposal (electronically or physically)


We evaluate grants both before they are submitted to a funding agency, and post submission.

  • Prior to submission, we evaluate an already written grant against the criteria it will be reviewed for once it is submitted. In doing so, we highlight many of the areas where grant proposals might loose points in a review, and needs added work.
  • Post submission, we evaluate grants for areas where they have fallen short of the required criteria. We evaluate feedback from the funder, if any for customers who plan to resubmit their own un-awarded application, and suggest improvements on their next application.

Contact us for more information on this process.